Introducing the Crystal Blues Challenge

This Independent Blues competition weekend began back in 2010, and each year, with your support, it just gets better and better... This truly is the most laid-back and relaxed, chilled and friendly competition event there is - creating an atmosphere that encourages and enables all competitors to dance their very best.

The 2017 Crystal Blues Challenge will run from October 27th to October 29th.

So what can you expect from the Crystal Blues Challenge experience?

Well, this is the chance for Blues dancers to take part in, and be part of, a weekend of Blues-focused challenges –where your peers are your judges! With eight categories, there is something for everyone –and if competing is not your thing, as part of the audience YOU and a panel of well-respected Blues-room dancers, are the judges!

The 'Crystal Blues Challenge' is transparently clear, and remains, as ever, without affiliation to any organisation other than Sara White's Blues Nites.

As Blues dancing is not a performance dance, dancers are not required to perform to judges – just dance as the music inspires you on an intimate Blues-room floor. Everyone attending is given their crystal voting chips and information about things to look for while watching (musicality, interpretation, style, aesthetics, etc). After each round you cast your vote and the highest scoring couples make it through. Both the voting audience and the voting panel will use the same criteria to decide who wins, so everyone is clear about what they are looking for. Simples! No more wondering if the judges were watching the same competition as you…

Although the event itself is spread over the entire weekend, the challenges take place over two days, with a variety of categories to choose from. You can choose to enter any number of categories, either all in one day, or spread over both. And of course during both days there will be HUGE amounts of freestyle time, with music provided by some of the best Blues DJ's in the country, so as a spectator you will get more dance-floor time than at any other competition event!

The Crystal Blues Challenge is organised and run BY Blues dancers, FOR Blues dancers. You will have seen everyone involved with Crystal Blues dancing regularly in Blues rooms up and down the country. Not just because they work in the world of Blues dance - but because they live, breathe and believe in the world of Blues dance! And remember, where we lead - others follow...

The Crystal Blues Challenge - it is what it is, because you do what you do!

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