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Crystal Blues Challenge - Buckden 27th - 29th October

Well, Helloooo Symbiotica!

We’ve missed you!

This Saturday, in Blaby, Leicester we have one of our rare Symbiotica treats to look forward to!  Get there early if you’d like to take part in our FREE Musicality Made Easy class beforehand too!

And of course, Sunday is our regular Buckden Blues class too.  A place where we can all hone our skills a little more.  I don’t know about you – but I never stop learning!

Videos from BootCamp last weekend…

Over the course of the next few hours and days we’ll be uploading a series of video clips reflecting some of the aspects taught during BootCamp.  Do check in HERE now and then to see what is new.
Just want to add a note of thanks here to everyone who attended BootCamp and literally poured their heart and soul into their dance progression.  So many moments!!  Such an emotional experience for us all…
Particular thanks must go to Tor, Rob and Andy for their invaluable teaching expertise and to the rest of our fantastic team for keeping such a crazy boat afloat!!

Important Crystal Blues Information…

If you are interested in competing at Crystal Blues this year in October, then the individual category entries are now available to book.  Look HERE (and scroll to the bottom of the page) to get more information.

For more information about the individual categories and for Eligibility criteria for each, please make sure you check HERE before booking.

Our next freestyle…

And as well as all the other exciting news we have for you, just to let you know that our next freestyle to look forward to is:
  Symbiotica in Leicester on Saturday 29th July.  Woohoo!

If you’d like to see what we have to look forward to in August, then click HERE to go direct to our August Event Calendar.

Watch this space for lots of CBC information in the coming weeks!

Blues Retreat Information –  Almost Full in Bournemouth!

We have a limited number of rooms for this event and we are almost at capacity!
This time for our Autumn Blues Retreat in Bournemouth in October.  Space for 3 men only!

General News and Shout Outs!

If you’d like a reminder of the class we taught last Sunday at Buckden Blues then we keep all the videos in Sara White’s Jive & Blues Nites Facebook Group.  Click HERE to find it and join.
And just a thought… We never usually repeat a class, but if any of the videos in the group make you regret missing that particular class, or if you’d just like to run through it again – let us know and we’ll do our best to schedule it in again.

Things to make a note of…

1) We’re heading to Sweden for a Blues/Fox Exchange in September.  Over 20 of us are already booked – you maybe wanna join us?

2)  New Year’s Eve in Buckden
Heads Up! Last year we were very disappointed to be let down with our venue, but this year it is definitely confirmed!  We’ll be lining up some treats and looking forward to welcoming in the New Year with you.

Our EVENT CALENDAR has new things being added almost daily…  Please take a look, there really is a LOT to look forward to!

Latest Retreat Information:

Autumn Blues Retreat Bournemouth – 13th – 15th October 2017 – Bookings now open.  Spaces for two couples and men only.  No single rooms.  Ladies places on hold.

Yorkshire Blues Retreat 2018 – 16th – 18th February 2018 – Bookings now open.

Bring on the Bluesiness…
See you soon…

Sara and Team

Blues in Worthing - Sunday 6th August - Worthing

Blues in Worthing

Sunday 6th August – The Warren Ballroom, Worthing 
Release your Inner Blueser – Workshop
If you’re looking for some signature movements that will take your dancing to the next level – or it you’re looking to create some moments of ‘wow’ on the dance floor – this is what you’re wanting

What’s not to like!

Click HERE for details.

Expressive Modern Blues Freestyle - Saturday 12th August in Kent

Blues in Kent

Sunday 12th August – Boughton, Kent

We’ll be running our 2nd Blues workshop in Kent in August.
Followed by a fabulous Blues freestyle!
The wonderful Graham Kingham will be on the decks so well worth checking out!

Look HERE for details

Blissfully Blues - Friday 18th August in Sandy

Blissfully Blues

Friday 18th August – Sandy

Get in touch and get yourself on that EXTRA Special List!
We only have 3 more Blissfullys this year!

Look HERE for more information


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