Music for Modern Blues


Our DJs are always on the lookout for music that is simply fabulous to dance to. Music that makes you want to move, to sway, to shimmy, to whirl.... or to pause, to hold the moment.... Music that will take your breath away - music that will have you grinning from the joy of the dance. Music that will make you feel glad to be alive - and happy to be part of a shared moment of dance.

We're all different - and so we play all kinds of music at our freestyles and classes. One moment a traditional blues song, another a chillout track, peppered with country and western and salted with modern R&B, with a side order of rock, 12 bar blues, a dash of latin, a soupcon of tango... our DJs have one instruction: play music that people want to dance to - fun, expressive, Bluesy, funky - yet totally danceable music.

Just to give you some idea of the wide range of music, here are some of the tracks you might hear us play. To make it easy we've linked them through Youtube.

Remember to check back here from time to time - we're going to add more tracks as time goes on!