The Sara White's Blues Retreat Experience
Sara White's Blues Nites run true Retreat Dance Weekenders that are just that little bit extra special. At our two venues in Bournemouth and Skipton, we've arranged the perfect dance holiday for the discerning: Our Blues Retreats provide the perfect opportunity to withdraw from daily life for a while and to submerge yourself totally in the delicious world of expressive music and dancing, with people who share your passion – at whatever stage you happen to be on your dance journey.
There are top DJs playing the music that you love to dance to - teachers who look to bring out the best in your dance - space for daytime and evening dancing - or an opportunity just to chill and relax, and let the Blues soothe the cares away.
Check out the upcoming weekenders on the events pages - but be quick!

(You can find some photos of the glamour, the mayhem and the joy of a Sara White's Blues Retreat in our Gallery HERE)