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I don’t know about you, but when I was at school, a teacher could make or break the subject. And more importantly they could make or break the pupil.

How many of us were put off subjects we really enjoyed because the teacher just didn’t connect - or explain it in a way we could understand?

And how many of us excelled in a particular subject because the teacher was so motivational?

Sara & her co-teachers teach from both the lead and the follow's perspective, ensuring that men AND ladies get the attention they deserve in terms of good technique, styling, musicality and progression.


From the lovely people on the door who will meet and greet you and make you feel at home from the second you walk in, to the best Blues DJs this country has to offer, everyone  at Blues Nites is there to ensure you have just the kind of evening that you aim for. 

rachel 2

Rachel is lovely. She's been with Sara White's Blues Nites since the very beginning, and her welcoming smile on the door helps make everyone feel right at home. She's also often Sara's teaching demo for the classes... and she still keeps on smiling, no matter what Sara puts her through.

Myra is our resident Blues Nites DJ, alongside Sara, and manages our DJ rotas. A self confessed dance-a-holic, she started dancing in 2006, found Sara White’s Jive Nites about a year later and hasn't looked back. After winning the first Crystal Blues DJ Challenge in 2011, she's become one of the country's most in demand DJs, playing at Hemsby, Ijig, Rock Bottoms, TFIF, Dance Synergy, Crystal Blues and various Blissfully Blues events. Her DJ sets are a unique blend of modern and classic blues, R&B, rock, tango, Latin and expressive music.


Zareh has been dancing for over 15 years and first discovered Blues 10 years ago when he innocently decided to "see what this Sara White's thing is all about". He failed to escape and since then he has fallen in love with the style and considers Blues Nites to be the place he truly learned to dance. Zareh is a truly generous dancer and looks to bring sparkle into the lives of everyone he dances with.

Tim has been dancing for around 20 years and discovered Blues around 10 years ago. He's the man who has the task of holding it all together. Whether it's designing web sites, laying the floor, fixing the equipment, making the coffee or simply trying to keep Sara reasonably under control* - if you have a problem, you know who to call. Or you could just ask him for a dance.

* this is not an easy task. At a Blues Nite event, anything could happen. And usually does.

alan (Copy)

Alan has travelled the length of the UK from his native London, worked in Italy, Spain, and America and even lived in Australia for a short time, but it wasn’t until he moved to Northamptonshire in 2010 that he found a love for dancing. Now with a background of Salsa and Argentine Tango he has found a new passion and understanding of musicality with his dancing in Modern Blues.  Following this new love he has now taken to the decks as a regular Blues Nites DJ. 


Debbie travels miles to be part of the Blues Nites crew. After studying tap, ballet and modern dance when she was young, she discovered modern jive in 2013 and then fell in love with Modern Blues at a Sara White venue a couple of years later. She drives miles every week just to be part of the Blues Nites family, and can regularly be found on a Blues Nites road trip..just because she loves it.

And then there's Sara. Coffee addict, DJ, dance teacher, event organizer and force of nature, Sara inspires with her unique teaching style. Widely recognised as one of the leading teachers of Modern Blues Dance in the UK, her passion for letting the music drive the dance is reflected in her unique and sassy teaching style, creating dancers who are in demand wherever they go. Oh, and she has a bit of a thing for purple.



We believe that great dancing is inspired by great music, and aim to play a diverse blend of expressive, interpretive music that inspires, challenges and delights you on the dance-floor - not 'thump thump' music, but music that flows and soars, that just demands to be danced to.  Just as Modern Blues dancing takes elements of many different dance forms and assimilates them into a dance that is as individual as you choose to make it, so the music played should draw upon a wide range of musical influences to accomodate the diversity.  Tango, Latin, R&B, 12 Bar Blues, Jazz, Funk, Swing, Pop, Rock and even a little Country might be heard, but every track played will have been selected for the richness it offers to the dancer. Take a look at some of the tracks you might enjoy HERE


A dance night is only as good as the dancers it attracts - and that's why YOU, the dancer, are the essential element.  We can tweak the lighting, adjust the sound levels, keep the floor in tip top condition, offer you the best DJs and insist upon the highest standards of teaching, but it only becomes a special event when great dancers add their magic and sparkle...  So what makes a Sara White's Blues Nite special..?  We all do!

“To dance, put your hand on your heart and listen to the sound of your soul.”