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Becoming a Blues Nites Affiliate

We have an opportunity for a a few very special people to join the Blues Nites world as you have what it takes?

Here at Blues Nites we now have over 10 years of experience in organising and running very successful, high quality Blues-related dance events, both locally and further afield. Our reputation as the premier provider of Modern Blues events in this country is second to none.

On top of this, Sara has a vast wealth of teaching expertise spanning almost two decades. With a teaching specific degree (BA Hons in Education) and additional dance teaching related qualifications Sara is in the unique position of being able to not only teach dancers to improve and become the best that they can be, but also to teach people to teach. These two skills are hugely different. Not everyone who dances well knows how to teach. Not everyone who teaches knows how to teach people to teach.

We have put together a very intense Teacher Training course to help affiliates get their own dance business of the ground quickly, effectively and professionally.

Be assured, we are not looking to franchise out Blues Nites. We are aware that we do is highly specific and unique. And we want what you do to be very unique too. So we are not looking for clones, or to be restrictive.

Our aim is to enable you to be the best you can be. To provide you with the skills and expertise not only to run freestyle events, but also to be able to expertly facilitate the learning of the dancers you would encourage to join you. You would run your own events, most likely Modern Blues focused, but not necessarily exclusively so, under your own banner, in your own area - but with the full backing and support of the Blues Nites team.

Alongside the multi-level Teacher Training courses we offer, we also run courses in Event Management and DJing. In fact, everything you will need to set up and run a successful dance organisation - avoiding the perils and pitfalls that are all too often encountered along the way. We offer you our years of experience - all that has gone well, as well as all the mistakes we learned from the hard way - to help you establish yourself as a quality service provider in the dance world.

Our teachers hold a Modern Blues Instructor Certification (CMBI) and affiliated organisations are entitled to use the Affiliate logo:

Our aim is to create a network of Affiliates offering the kind of quality that we are proud to be associated with. We want to give you the skills you need stand alongside you as you learn and grow, and then let you create your own profitable business.

That affiliate network is already beginning to grow. If becoming a dance teacher/event organiser is something you have wanted to explore further - then now is the time to do something about it and make it happen.

Obviously only things with no worth or value come for free, and we are not looking for time wasters or hobby makers - so if you think that you have what it takes to become a Blues Nites Affiliate and would like more information relating to area availability, suitability, cost and time implications - contact Sara via email:

Have YOU got what it takes?

To find out more about becoming a Blues Nites Affiliate, please contact Sara for more information.

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