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As Cher would say... Welcome to Burlesque!

Burlesque comes in many shapes and guises, and for us it is all about the fun, the outfits and the performance!
Dressing the part to learn the art, we explore four aspects of Burlesque. 

Ladies-Only Burlesque Workshop

Our Ladies-Only Burlesque classes invite ladies to dress up to the max (optional!), grab a feather boa (essential!) and some sexy long gloves and enjoy an hour of wiggling, strutting, peeling, revealing, swishing, swaying and boa whipping fun!

The classes are broken down into specific sections.

Basic Skills - a short collection of useful, individual skills that can be used to create your own Burlesque routine, followed by four core sections:
Opening Strut - A Burlesque performer needs to claim attention instantly.  We show you how! 
Gloves Galore - Learn how to peel and reveal.
Boa Basics - Work that boa to maximum effect.
Chair Flair - A host of things you never thought you'd be doing with a kitchen chair!

So when the classes are done, you can take your new-found Burlesque skills and delight your friends and neighbours...  Or maybe just your someone special!  It's up to you!

A fabulous way to get fit by combining dance, with fitness and the Art of Burlesque!

The only exercise class where you need a feather boa!

When and Where?
We have a Burlesquercise class running in Buckden on Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm - contact Sara for more information!

Burlesque Hen Parties

We also offer a Hen Party service and what better way can there be to get your Hen Night off to a flying start!  Grab your Boas, your gloves and your girls and wiggle and jiggle your way through 2 hours of Burlesque fun before hitting the town...  I can't imagine any future husband objecting to his bride-to-be bringing these skills to the honeymoon suite!

Burlesque in the Work Place

As another thought, we also offer daytime or evening events in your home, community centre or workplace.  So next time you're asked to come up with ideas for team-building activities, fund-raisers, coffee morning activities or just feel like getting the girls together for some light-hearted fun - think about the fun you could have with a Burlesque themed event... 

Contact Sara for more information on 07921 633650 or email sara.white@bluesnites.co.uk

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