With Crystal Blues less than three months away, the excitement at BluesNites HQ is building!

The Crystal Blues Challenge began in 2010 – and it’s been getting bigger and better every year.  That said, we have never lost sight of our roots.
Our aim is the same now as it has always been – to create a friendly, laid back and supportive environment that appreciates and encourages dancers as they dance for us.

As an audience we have the privilege to enjoy our friends, our peers, our dance family as they bring their love of dance to the floor for our appreciation.

As a competitor, you get the opportunity to put into effect all the hours of practice, of classes, and your experience for us all to enjoy.

But the competition aspect of this weekend is just one small part of it.  The thing that brings us all together is our love of dance.  Not just watching it – but getting up and enjoying it too!

Which is why we work hard to balance the individual competitions with oodles of social dancing!   Because for us, it really is all about the dancing…

We also encourage each and every person who attends to become involved in the appreciation of dance and to influence the outcome.  The voting audience is, collectively, one of our judges, and your opinion matters.

Crystal Blues is run BY Blues dancers, FOR Blues dancers.  Which is why you won’t find any of our judges on any kind of judging circuit at other events.

So, let me share with you, what have in store for you!

We’ll be running freestyle events on the Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night with, we believe, the best Blues room DJs around.

This is the highlight of the year for us and our DJs respond to the demands put upon them and deliver their very best, each and every time!

And since the most important thing to us is dancing then of course we make sure that there is plenty of daytime dancing too!  Starting at 10am on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, in and around the individual challenges.

We also know that (wo)man cannot dance on love alone…
Which is why we have a mini pop-up café on site for you!  Breakfast, light lunches, tea, coffee, cakes and more will be available for you throughout the day, so you only need to consider your evening meal arrangements before the evening freestyle sessions.

And what about the Challenges?

Every year, our competitors find the courage to strut their stuff in front of a roomful of supportive dancers who cheer, holler and support each and every one of the couples on the floor. There’s nothing like the feeling of winning your very own crystal… But our prizes are pretty special too!  Did you know that for the main Challenges we invite our winners to join us at one of our very special, and usually fully sold out, Weekend Blues Retreats..?  A prize worth over £500 in total…

On Saturday morning we start out with Beat-Up Blues – a competition for those who are over 45, showing the youngsters how it’s done.

We’ll follow that up with Beginner Blues – a competition designed to give our newest Blues dancers their moment in the spotlight.  Support for this bunch couldn’t be greater as we all know what it takes to step onto that floor for the first time.

We’re still finalising the programme, but as the weekend unfolds, we’ll bring in our intermediate categories: Cool and Confident, for those who’ve been dancing blues a while, and All-Comers, which gives the teachers, demonstrators and DJs the chance to prove their mettle alongside all you experienced dancers.

Bluest Blues sees us return to our core – finding movement and musicality in close hold, while our new category this year, Funkified Blues, is exactly what it sounds like – a celebration of the funkiest music around.

Each afternoon, we’ll round off our competition day with our insanely popular Best-of-Luck category, where Lady Luck deals the cards and you dance with a partner chosen for you at random.  And of course there’s the unofficial Man Cupboard Vs Lady Cupboard competition going on there too!

And of course, we have to pay special mention to the incredible Ultimate Challenge!  Morris Rodham spends an entire year finding the most exciting, stretching and challenging music to really put our dancers through their paces.   I am always left in awe of both the music AND the creativity and stamina of the dancers involved!!

Throughout the weekend we’ll also be running our Centre Stage competition. Individual couples will take the spotlight as they dance to music they’ve selected as either a spontaneous freestyle or as a choreographed performance.


Well, take all that and wrap it up with loads of social dancing, lots of fun and mayhem, slick organisation, amazing food from Niari and Tass, and you’ve got one hell of a dance weekend.

You HAVE got your ticket already, haven’t you?

You can find out more about Crystal Blues at bluesnites.co.uk/crystal-blues, and more details on the individual challenges is at bluesnites.co.uk/the-challenges