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Introducing the Crystal Blues Challenge

Every October a little village hall in Cambridgeshire is transformed into the heart of the Modern Blues Dance Universe. Competitors and dancers gather from across the country to take part in a celebration of all that is fabulous in this dance that we love. This is an event created to be fun, friendly, joyful, supportive and accessible, where dancers of all levels of experience get to enjoy a weekend of dancing threaded through with competitions, laughter and merriment. You don't have to be 'competition level' to be part of this - you don't even have to compete (although you'll find the atmosphere so supportive that you find yourself challenging yourself to take part). You just need to love this dance, and come along and be caught up in the experience.

This is an event run BY Blues dancers - FOR Blues dancers.

So in 2021 let's gather together again to enjoy a weekend of friendship, support, fabulous energy, incredible dancing (both in the comps AND during the large amounts of freestyle) and of course, sparkly crystals!

Let's dedicate an entire weekend to all that is wonderful about Modern Blues Dancing. When an ordinary village hall in Buckden, Cambridgeshire becomes the centre of the Blues Dancing Universe...

Crystal Blues is the place where we make new, meet up with old, and dance with friends,...
It is where we come together to delight in the joy of enjoying our dance peers shine on the dance floor..
And where we push ourselves just a tiny bit outside of our comfort zones...
A time for us all to appreciate and celebrate everything that we love about Modern Blues dancing.

We couldn't be here in 2020, but we just couldn't let another year go by without a Crystal Blues in it. The event is going to be a little different this year, but it'll still be full of everything you love about it: wonderful competitions, fabulous dancers, gorgeous music and lots and lots of fun.

We do hope you'll join us!




You can book on line for the weekend and the individual challenges HERE!



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STOP PRESS - RESULTS PICTURES and VIDEO from Crystal Blues 2019 . . . .

    Video from the Crystal Blues Challenge 2019 can be found HERE (and video from 2018)


Pictures from the Crystal Blues Challenge 2019 can be found HERE (and pictures from 2016, 2017 and 2018


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