Crystal Blues - What people are saying

We love Crystal Blues - but don't listen to us - just take a look at some of the fabulous feedback we've received about Crystal Blues!

What people said after CBC 2016 . . .

The CBC magic touches all who enter the magic kingdom. The dust of bluesiness twinkles on the shoes of the dancers, and lands on THAT track of the DJ, and allows the voyeur spectators an insight into the FEEL of the dance, but most preciously it takes the dancers to that place... that place , where you don't want return nirvana. PG

Thank you for an amazing weekend - I feel full to the brim - BH

Crystal Blues is my most favourite event of the year and it always has an amazing vibe. Please keep doing what you do as you are the best at what you do! MR

If you're a dancer and you've not been before, I can highly recommend the Crystal Blues Challenge! BW

What an awesome event! Bring on next year - BW

So much fun, laughter, love and support. Met up with old friends, made many more! PM

Crystal Blues... What an EPIC weekend! - NP

Bucket loads of endless laughter! - NP

Dancing to sublime music with the most amazing dancers. NP

I couldn't have wished for a better weekend! NP

It just gets better and better. AH

Such a fantastic weekend for us all to enjoy. The music from the DJs was brilliant all weekend, some old favourites and some new challenges. JB

I bet there is nothing anywhere else in other competitions like the Ultimate Challenge!!!  JB

You soon realise you have this wonderfully supportive arena to perform in and that is the real achievement by Sara and the team with the Crystal Blues Challenge. JB

Well, what a wonderful, if exhausting, weekend that was! So much dancing, fun and hilarity! It makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Thanks to Sara who came up with the wonderful, crazy idea of having the competition in the first place. - ZL

Wow wow wow! more to follow am hoping the journey back allows me to put into words just how epic this was !PR

What a great weekend! Loved it! MR

Sara White......just look at what you've done!!!!! MR

Another fabulous CBC. SL

I am still recovering from fri and sat night dancing, think I would be off work if I had done anymore. I had some brillant 'room disappears dances as well as many more fantastic dances to awesome music played by the other DJs.  ES

Sara Thankyou for bringing so much joy into so many people's lives with your unique blend of warmth, wit and wisdom, and an amazing Team. Until next time.. X LP

It was a brilliant atmosphere. Thank you for the music and all of the hard work that goes into this event GP

It's hard to put into words - it was more than a competition, it was a coming together of beautiful people showing us all what blues dancing means to them. CH

Sara White the blues mother you brought us all under one roof for the most epic weekend ever!  CH

What a fabulous weekend at Crystal Blues! Such a fun event. Thank you to all the dancers and competitors who make this such a friendly place to dance. JC

Great weekend of learning and understanding - fantastic dancing by all the competitors - you're all winners in my eyes! GP

Loads of learning and reflecting. GP

Well what a weekend at crystal bluesI have had the most wonderful time, had the most wonderful dances and spent time with the most wonderful people!! Thank you thank you thankyou xx NP

Fabulous weekend Sara and team! DW

What a wonderful weekend! The team gave their all to provide such a well organized and smoothly run event. I think everyone had a brilliant time; I know I did. Thank you.

A competition weekend with a really unique feeling. Since it started, quite a few competitions have sprung up across the modern jive/blues etc scene and this one still continues to more than hold its own with the best of the rest! IM

You know you have had a fantastic time when you get home and do a dance move to the fridge!! (Without music). - CK

Fab music & fab fab fab dances.  - CK

Fantastic weekend of brilliant music and a fantastic crew, Sara and the gang never disappoint so thank you guys. DY

I'm always overwhelmed with CBC, sitting here alone and peacefully at home, I have fond memories that are queuing up in my mind for me to feel all over again.

I love CBC, thank you Sara White for having me...the work you put in organising and running your 'baby' is unimaginable, yet you have time to make sure everyone's ok. How do you do it? I'm touched and tears flow as I write. SB

Wow fantastic guys well done x - DY

Yay, the BEST DJs all in one place for a whole weekend, does it get any better than this?! Thank you all for doing what you do so superlatively and making it impossible for me to sit down all weekend - MC

Totally fabulous. You and your crew are amazing VE

The music was a joy the whole weekend through. Thank you Myra and the team! - TM

The music was absolutely fab, so many really beautiful tracks, thank you to all the dj's 🙂 BP

The music was outstanding! A big congrats & thank you to all the DJs!! - SN

TBH, I just think it was amazing. IM

What a brilliant weekend - loved every minute! Thanks to everyone who made it such a great event, and especially to the purple princess and courtiers for all the organising! See you all next year! Xxx JC

As a blues novice I was apprehensive about being in the midst of lots of experienced, competition level, dancers. But everyone was very friendly and I had lots of confidence building dances. Thanks to everyone for a couple of brilliant freestyle evenings. DI

Simply wow. What a blast of a weekend. Crystal Blues Challenge 2016, I salute you.

The muuuuusic, the fooood, the DJ's, the crew, the judges, the dancing, the dancers, the competing, the watching, the humbling, the inspiring, the clapping, the foot stamping, the wiggling, the bring-it -onning, the cheering on-ing, the whooping, the taking part-ing, the joining in-ing, the aching, the shaking (of nerves as well as booty), the admiring, the singing, the we are the champion-ing, the believing, the connecting, the pride in belonging, the arm swaying, the photographs that came into being, (go Lily), the shedding another layer-ing, the unfurling, the braving...And now, the need of sleep-ing..

Thank you thank you thank you to Sara Sara White and her incredible, really incredible, talented team.

And it's huge, and humble thanks to Sara and her teaching that I even got to feel I could enter. I am genuinely not the same person that I was when I began, and a huge part of that has been/is learning to listen and follow like I have from joining Buckden Blues last year. As us all, it's still work in progress, as we never stop learning and growing (thankfully!), but wow. Simply wow. Xx

I did say on Friday that no matter how good crystal blues could be ... It would NOT be worth the. 8.5 hour journey from hell getting there ... But now I'm sitting on the ferry home in blues induced ecstasy ... Ummmm ... It WAS worth it !! The music and dance partners were out of this world !!! Feeling extremely happy RP

Wowzers, well if that was CBC 2016 - we've had it!! Thank you Sara for once again allowing me to be part of your team for the weekend - there is no better team to work with. I can't wait to do it all again next time - CK

CBC rocks! Had a fantastic day and two evenings! What a great turnout of marvellous dancers - all smiles and definitely in the zone! What a tribute to all the hard work done by Sara White and her fantastic team - Thank you !! - MP

Great night!! Had a blast! Awesome dances! Thanks to all who danced and lovely to catch up! X AN

So addictive! Thanks to everyone involved in making my night amazing. FG

Eat, sleep, dance, repeat? Yes please!! Xx FG

Awesome evening. Awesome dances. DW

Well, what a fantastic night's dancing *that* was! A packed floor, friends and new faces, fabulous music - just brilliant. I think my body is going to be complaining mightily tomorrow, but it was worth it. GM

The amazing weekend that was Crystal Blues Challenge 2016. DW

What can i say, absolutely amazing weekend at Crystal Blues Challenge! CC

It's hard to put into words that hasn't already been said what crystal was, it was more than a competition it was a coming together of beautiful people showing us all what blues dancing means to them, Sara White the blues mother you brought us all under one roof for the most epic weekend ever! you and your team of judges, dj's, chefs, helpers, you guys and girls are what make crystal ever so special so a massive thank you to all of you!! CH

What a lovely event crystal blues was. LB

Back from my first Crystal Blues weekend. I had a brilliant time. AM

What an incredible weekend that was at Crystal Blues Challenge.

All interspersed with sensational music, spending time with so many friends as well as meeting new faces, laughing lots, and of course... having and watching amazing dances all weekend.

But the thing that really stood out most for me, was the sense of cameradery between everyone. Everyone genuinely wishing each other did well, spectators and competitors alike. So many people took the time afterwards to find and tell those they thought had stood out, that they had enjoyed their dance and congratulated them. Whether they had won or not. So many of my friends were touched by those kind words, myself included.

So thankyou, Sara. For bringing us all together in the name of blues, to dance and enjoy one another. And to your entire team, for making it the sublime event it was. AT

3am and I'm just climbing into my bed. My heart is seriously full of joy and lovefor each and every single person at Sara Whites Crystal Blues. Dancers, The Crystal Team in its entirety, Lilly Duffield, those amazing hard working chefs...I think I even love the car park right now. Thank you to the universe for giving me the most extraordinary dance weekend of my life CF

Finally home after a lovely lovely weekend at Crystal Blues.

Very Sore feet but so many gorgeous memories. Thanks to Sara White and team for their organisation, all the Dj's for the hours of incredible music (i truly have so much respect for the hours you all spend finding the music), the crystal ladies, the catering crew and all of the fantastic dancers that filled the floor KP

Fabulous.. Fabulous weekend.. Feeling humbled and oh so pleased! .. Thank you everyone. Does anyone have the Sara White Crystal Blues Challenge rehab number? DK

A superb atmosphere all weekend amongst the most lovely people you could wish to spend time with..... thrills, spills and so much laughter! Love it....let's do it again next year - JL

And from previous years . .

Crystal Blues Challenge was just the best! So many amazing, crazy, sensual, connected dances. Lots of warm, accepting, supportive people. SJ

CBC is definitely a dance weekend not to be missed..!  DM

Wouldn't miss it now I've experienced what an utterly brilliant weekend it is. TS

Just woke up, remembered what happened yesterday, got the biggest smile on my face....  - LB

What a joy to have a room packed with wonderful people to dance with - SC

Thank-you for a wonderful weekend, so glad I went. I've had so much fun and still can't stop smiling - CC

Massive Thanks Sara and your team for continuing to believe in what you do and give us this weekend, jam packed with everything. The occasional intensity, emotional, adrenalin flows and ebbs, everywhere to be seen ( and felt).  - GB

Tired but happy, CBC was every bit as great as expected! Wonderful dances to inspire, beautiful music, lots of laughs with old & new friends! - TW

Best weekender ever Sara White and team - thank you all - MC

Crystal Blues 2014! Amazing! The music was out of this world! The Ultimate Challenge music really was the Ultimate challenge, never would I have attempted to dance to such gorgeous, intricate and frankly overwhelming tracks that were truly inspirational. Thank you thank you thank you!  TM

Thank-you for a wonderful weekend, so glad I went. I've had so much fun and still can't stop smiling about coming 3rd in Best of Luck on Sunday, I was a very lucky lady - CC

Thank you all for the most amazing weekend. I never imagined how fabulously fun and friendly the atmosphere was going to be and the dancing and music was also even better than I expected. I'm blinded by all the bling on Facebook and I'm truly honoured to know almost all of you awesome winners.

What an awesome time I've had at my first Crystal Blues Challenge weekend.  :)))

Well another year has gone and the event that is Crystal Blues just seems to get bigger, better and above all (if possible) even friendlier - OK so Sara may make a joke about the hugfests before contests begin but they are genuine. Yes we compete against each other but does it stop us placing crystals in our rivals' buckets? - heck no, there is a massive appreciation of what it takes to get up and take part from all of us and recognizing the efforts and abilities of others is part of what makes this event so special – well that and the DJ’s, music, venue, refreshments, judges, crystal ladies and bucket boys, the minion, the purple princess and anyone else I’ve forgotten.
Great event and my sincerest thanks to all of the above. - DP

Judith and I drove back home last night from CBC with that, 'We've just had a wonderful time!' atmosphere. People have mentioned tears.... OK... I admit it.... I cried... to see people dancing with all their heart and soul and bodies to music you've spent a year looking for does just bring a tear or two to the makes all the effort worth it. The videos capture some of the music and moves...but I don't think videos can really capture the incredible atmosphere we all experienced during the various competitions. And I agree with all that has been said about those who put themselves forward to was lovely to watch you all.

Dances outside the competition time were equally sublime. It's like there was an atmosphere there that just lended itself to people giving themselves completely to each other and the music (thank you all DJs!) resulting in many 'oh wow!' or equivalent after-dance remarks. Thank you everyone for wonderful dances!

And to the one whose idea it all was..... Sara White..... and all the team..... THANK YOU!! Just brilliant! - MR

Truly spectacular dancing to awe inspiring music - RC

It's a rainy Monday morning, I had to get up very early to catch an early flight , I'm in need of sleep and my knees are aching but I've got a spring in my step and a smile on my face, must be the effect of a Voodoo spell that the Purple Goddess casts on her willing subjects ..!
What a great weekend, CBC just gets bigger and better every year, it's easy to see why other dance organisers look at it with envious eyes!
I don't get over often enough and haven't danced a step for almost 5 months before this weekend, but the amazing music played this weekend teased and coaxed old hips back into action.
It is a absolute privilege to be part of Mighty Myra's DJ collective! (What is the collective noun for DJ's..?)
Amazing dancing all weekend, up on the desk we get a privileged view onto the dance floor, able to watch dancers loose them selfs in the music and their partners arms! I had many fabulous dances my self and was blessed to be able to finish the whole weekend with a magical last dance, thank you .
I was able to catch up with old friends and make new ones too.
I claim that starting to dance 5 years ago saved my life, and I feel truly blessed at the moment, physically exhausted but mentally refreshed. - DB

My first CBC.....AMAZING......fantastic music, people, atmosphere, venue, organisation ..... I had some lovely dances, & will certainly be back next year ..... wouldn't miss it for the world....& with enough confidence to compete (& to ask some of the awesome dancers I was too nervous to ask to dance this time round!!!) A huge Thank You to Sara White & her team for making it happen - LB

A really memorable and thoroughly enjoyable weekend - RB

You know when you go to something for the first time ... and Ding Dong! you understand what all the fuss is about! .... What a very unique, and blissful, event. Soooo friendly and inclusive, no cliqueness at all. You are fantastic, Sara and every last one of your wonderful team. - LE

"And why would I want to watch people competing?". Well now I know. It's because they are absolutely bloody wonderful. - EM

This was the weekender that was more weekender than an actual weekender. - EM

Well, I've had today to reflect on what an awesome weekend we have had at CBC 2014. For me it has brought up so many emotions that I have never felt at a dance event. Massive thanks to everyone involved in making this the brilliant event it wa - GK

Finally I know why I travel!. What a fabulous event CBC much wonderful dancing to beautiful music with superb leads.  - KP

My First CBC and I loved it. So many loving and happy people. I've had a fantastic time and thank-you to the many leads for all my fabulous dances. Indeed my soul for dancing has been inspired. - CC

Awesome Awesome Awesome! And that barely covers it. Huge thank you to the whole team- lots of marvellous memories and just having fun to music. All was purple awesomeness. - ED

Well, that was a PERFECT weekend!!! All the superlatives have already been used up, what more can I say? Lovely food, superb music of my very favourite sort all weekend, fabulous dancers, inspiring showcases, fun, friendly competitions, and a wonderful warm friendly atmosphere. Just loved every minute, can't wait to do it all again next year. Thank you very much, Sara , and all your helpers of every sort. - SC

The great thing about it that it all takes place in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which makes people feel comfortable, and able to enter the various competitions regardless of dance level and experience. You don't feel under constant scrutiny or being judged, even if you are being judged in a competition ! - FF

A big THANK YOU for an absolutely fantastic time, which just flew by! - IK

Morning all.! So this is how it feels to wake up after a decent night's sleep!
Well, Crystal Blues was a whole weekend of magic; of friendliness, breathtaking dances, adrenaline highs plus the wonder of paracetamol & ibuprofen.. I felt such gratitude to be part of such a special event, watching new Blues dancers come of age, watching friends take centre stage with performances that either took my breath away or my made tears spill..
Thank you Sara White & team; in the words of the song "Nobody does it better".. - SD

Just arrived home after a awesome awesome weekend of blues blues and dancing shoes...
My feet and screaming , my legs are complaining my ears are still ringing ( ok that will be VERY loud music and singing on he way home . My voice is most gone ( ... Afore mentioned Singing on the way home!!!)
But what a time sooo good.
Top notch tunes back to back.. Awesome competitors , mugs of tea, fabulous home made grub and Sara on the mike !!
Epic- thank you for letting me be a part. - HM

Completely lost count of the number of mind-blowingly lovely dances I had over the weekend. - RB

There's something very unique about Sara White's Crystal Blues Challenge's not just the great organisation, it's not just the gathering of fabulous dancers, it's not just the amazing tracks played by the DJs, it's not just the spirit of the competitors in the competitions, it's all of those things combined with the experience of spending a weekend in such friendly and fun company, dancing day and night. Thank you Sara, Timion, Myra and all the other essential helpers who consistently go more than the extra yard to make the weekend so enjoyable to everyone. - JD

My first CBC and what an eye opener. Great music from the best DJ's and amazing dancers competing in the challenges. Thank you Sara and the whole team for an unforgettable weekend. Many congratulations to Morris for the brilliant tracks for the Ultimate Challenge, I'm sure you were made up by the dancers interpretations. - AH

What can I say well done to all those involved, Sara, Tim, and lots more in making such a fantastic weekend run soooo smoothly, Outstanding dancers competing , from Beginners Blues right the way through to the Central Stage, Fantastic DJ's, yet again Morris does it again with his Ultimate Challenge music. Congratualtions to all those that took part the weekend wouldnt have been the same with out all of you. - LD

Absolutely awesome day ... This blues comp is run sooo well... and i know good organisation when i see it.
Plenty of free time too...

We are spoiled with Very fine music, terrific dancers and cake! - HM

What an inspired and inspiring weekend! - JL

Omgm what a nite, such brillant dances, music to die for so wish I cld dance all nite. Thank u sara , all the dj's and all the guys I had the pleasure of dancing with - ES

Wild horses, they won't stop me;-)

Wonderful times and memories and nothing but kindness and care from your team - thank you x - AA

You have created a very special event on so many levels. - CL

Thankyou so much for a great weekend - JS

It is by far the best weekend of dancing I have ever had! Thank you to everyone and to you Sara White, you're all bloody marvelous! - LB