We believe dancing should, above all, be fun. We will endeavour to teach the best possible technique and the most fluid musicality. We commit to teaching dance that feels good for both a lead and a follow – dance that works on the social dance floor. We want to help you live your dance dream, and become the sort of dancer you want to be. We are passionate about helping each one of our dancers have a truly wonderful experience dancing with us, where people make friends and have a great time, whether they are new to dance or have been dancing for years.

At Sara White’s Blues Nites we work hard to provide a safe, welcoming, friendly and positive environment for people attending our events. It is the responsibility of every dancer to ensure that others feel safe, comfortable and welcome. This should be the highest priority of everyone attending – above even the music or the dance. So please help us to make dancing a truly enjoyable experience by following a few simple principles..

  • No smoking or e-cigarettes allowed in any of our venues.
  • Be aware of other dancers on the dance floor – avoid deep drops on a crowded floor. Please – no aerials on a social dance floor.
  • Leaders – Always ask before doing dips or drops, and make sure you can do these safely – and ensure that the follow knows she is secure.
  • Please don’t use talc on the floor or on your shoes.
  • Make sure you’re wearing suitable dance shoes – especially avoiding stilettos.
  • Remember that the dance floor is for dancing – hold conversations to the side, and don’t just walk across it, especially when carrying drinks.
  • Always respect people’s personal boundaries, especially when dancing intimate close hold. Dancing intimate hold needs to be a mutual choice from both partners.
  • If you choose not to dance with someone, then that’s OK – be polite, be kind, but the choice as to dance or not is up to you.
  • Take care of personal hygiene – be careful of what you eat before you dance, use deodorant, wash your hands and change your shirt/top if you get sweaty. Mints and breath freshener are useful to have with you!
  • Smokers in particular: wash your hands and use mints/breath freshener after smoking.
  • Refrain from teaching or correcting your partner on the dance floor – this is social dancing. Let the teachers teach and the dancers dance.
  • Dress appropriately for the dance and the event – follow any dress codes.
  • Be polite, kind and courteous – be a generous and above all – give good dance!

To let you know . . .

We pride ourselves on listening to our members’ concerns and want to make sure we resolve any issues with anyone or anything as quickly as possible. There are open channels for you to voice any concerns you might have – please feel free to email or chat to Sara or to any member of the team, and we will make sure that appropriate action is taken as and when we feel that to be necessary.
If required, we will discuss any inappropriate behaviour with the person(s) concerned. If the situation continues we will issue a verbal warning, followed by a written warning should the situation continue.
Should such behaviour continue following these warnings, we will deem it necessary to ban those persons from attending Blues Nites events. Rapid resolution of these matters is vital to ensure the reputation of the club, and therefore the decision of the organiser is final.