Learning Modern Blues with Sara White

New to Blues?
Are you looking to dip your toe into the wonderful world of Modern Blues dance? Have you peeked in on the Blues room and wished you could dance like that? Do you want the confidence to let the music create your dance - just the two of you and the music together in the joy of dance?

We love blues room music and blues dance, and we want to share that with you. We run regular easy access events designed to help you step into the magical world of blues, giving you confidence, technique, skills and experience to dance with style and flair with a real ear for the music. Not only that, but no matter whether you come from a Modern Jive, Tango, Salsa, West Coast Swing or any other dance background - you're going to take away a deeper understanding of dance that will change the way you dance your style too.

So... how do you get started?

Of course, you're always going to be welcome at a weekly Blues Nites class in Buckden - check out the Classes and Freestyles page for details of weekly classes. You can relax 'cos our teachers and dancers will have you feeling right at home from the beginning.

If you want to get the fast track on your blues journey, then there are several ways to get started with one of our fabulous workshops:


New 2 Blues - four weeks of classes on a Sunday evening in Buckden giving you the tools and techniques for blues room confidence. Each session is 90 minutes of fun filled workshop with Sara, and then a chance to put your new found skills into practice with some freestyle time where you'll be joined by our more experienced dancers.

We also have a one day New 2 Blues workshop which gives you the basics of Modern Blues dance - fast!

Take a look at our events page for details of the next courses coming up.



If you really want to fast track your Modern Blues journey, then check out Sara White's Blues Boot Camp - a weekend of workshops that take you from zero to hero, blues-wise. We'll give you everything you need to dance with grace and style in an intensive yet easy access format. There'll also be plenty of freestyle time on both the Saturday and Sunday evenings too. BootCamp was designed to accelerate your learning and give you what you need as quickly and effectively as possible. Take a look at our event pages to find out more.

We also run Introduction to Blues events across the country and at some weekender events. You can find those on our event planner too.

If you can't find a workshop or course that you can make - join our newsletter to get early bird notification of upcoming events. Join HERE!

Oh, and we've got lots of fabulous resources on this web site too. We've got video from previous workshops and classes HERE
and to give you chance to practice and understand some of the music we use, then we've got some of our favourite tracks HERE!



Intermediate Classes

If you've already started your journey into learning Modern Blues, then we're ready to help with our Intermediate classes. Next step is our Mastering Blues class 4 week series, which builds on the basics from New-2-Blues or BootCamp and helps you build confidence on the dance floor.

  • Each week we'll be providing you with the building blocks of Blues progression.
  • Drills you can practice at home...
  • Musical insights that will help you to train your dancers ear...
  • Techniques, methods, skills and subtleties

We'll give you everything you need to move you beyond the mechanics and into the feeling and meaning of what it is to dance Blues...

Moving beyond moves and into movement to music is not an instant process, but our aim is to nudge you ever forward on your Modern Blues dancing journey.


Intermediate workshops - we run a number of intermediate workshops throughout the year: on our Big Purple Blues Weekenders, our Reverie Weekenders, our dedicated workshop weekends or at our BootCamp 2 intermediate workshops.


Taking it further?

The next step for you is going to be the Blues Evolution series - our advanced classes that build on everything you have learned so far, and takes elements from other dance forms to create a Modern Blues style that shine and shimmers, that brings out the passion, the drama, the excitement of the music - giving you everything you need to be the very best that you want to be.

For details of intermediate and advanced classes, check out the web site events pages or join the newsletter HERE