Music for Modern Blues


Our DJs are always on the lookout for music that is simply fabulous to dance to. Music that makes you want to move, to sway, to shimmy, to whirl.... or to pause, to hold the moment.... Music that will take your breath away - music that will have you grinning from the joy of the dance. Music that will make you feel glad to be alive - and happy to be part of a shared moment of dance.

We're all different - and so we play all kinds of music at our freestyles and classes. One moment a traditional blues song, another a chillout track, peppered with country and western and salted with modern R&B, with a side order of rock, 12 bar blues, a dash of latin, a soupcon of tango... our DJs have one instruction: play music that people want to dance to - fun, expressive, Bluesy, funky - yet totally danceable music.

Just to give you some idea of the wide range of music, here are some of the tracks you might hear us play. To make it easy we've linked them through Youtube.

Imelda May's Call Me is a slow, sultry track with a smooth, melodic vocal.

Black coffee & cigarettes - a tune with regular breaks that dancers can use to add dramatic punctuation to their dance.

Tangled Up is one of those exciting little tracks that lends itself to Tango, WCS, Modern Jive and Modern Blues, which encourages a real mix on the dance-floor.

Rag n Bone Man's, Human, offers dancers the opportunity to work with energy changes within the music.

Predictable breaks, and slower in tempo, Popa Chubby's - Sweat is a great track for dancers to add some punctuation to their dance.

Eva Cassidy's version of Wade in the Water is a track we often use to help dancers identify the breaks in the music.

In the absence of a clearly defined instrumental beat, Say Something offers the dancer the opportunity to work with the vocal shape.

More by Alex Vargas offers dancers the excitement of working with energy and tempo changes within their dance.

John Mayer's version of Free Fallin' encourages dancers to play with the gradual rise and fall of energy within the music.

This track is in 3/4 time, but the lyrics definitely help when it comes to helping the dancer respond to the breaks...

Another track in 3/4 time, Come Undone is another example of a track that encourages dancers to work with the musical breaks.

In the absence of a dominant beat, California King Bed by Rhianna encourages dancers to use the vocal to give their dance shape and structure.

In this track by Adele a dancer can use the interplay between vocal and piano to create different shapes within the dance.

Remember to check back here from time to time - we're going to add more tracks as time goes on!