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Taking Blues Nites on tour
If you're interested in bringing the Sara White Blues Nites experience a little closer to home, then give Sara a call. If you've got a bunch of people who want to learn Modern Blues, or if you want to organise a special Blues freestyle - we can help. We can work with you to create the sort of event you have in mind, whether that's a one hour teaching spot, an afternoon or full day workshop, a freestyle event or even a weekend gig - we can help you create what you want. We've run very successful on tour events across the UK along with regular partnerships with other dance venues to bring a little bit of that Blues magic to you.
Don't sit there thinking 'They'd never do that' - we probably would! We love to share what we know about dance and about Modern Blues, and we love being involved with others to create a successful event that brings the joy and the passion of Blues to more people.
We've been to all these incredible places On Tour... (and probably some more we forgot about) - we'd love to add to the list!