What a wild and wonderful year it has been…

2016 started with a celebration of 10 years of Sara White’s Jive and Blues Nites..

Wow!  What a journey it has been!!


So now, as we head into the New Year, it seems like a good time to reflect on what we got up to in 2016.


We held a fair few freestyle events…

Ten Blissfully Blues events in Sandy.

Seventeen Buckden freestyles ranging from Purple Parties, Little Black Dress Nites and Tea dances to the big, special events.

We launched our daytime dancing Reverie weekend event

And our ‘music that demands to be danced to’ Symbiotica event took us across to Leicester for six nights.


We had special events including our 10 year anniversary gala dinner and our 10 year anniversary freestyle. We had another wild and wonderful burlesque night.


We held half a dozen Collaboration events with our friends at Pulse Dance in Nottingham – and relaunched it when they closed the old venue.

We were invited to Bury and to Colchester where we made new friends and enjoyed workshops and freestyles.


We went on tour. Of course..  It’s what we do!

This year included two weekends teaching and DJing in Sweden at their Blueshelg, down to Worthing for workshops and DJing, and across to Norwich to help our friend Carol with her new Bluest Blues venture.


We launched our new ‘Mastering Blues’ four week intermediate course, and created our Blues Evolution advanced four week course.. We ran that one twice, along with another few Evolution Masterclasses to keep up with demand.

We also ran New-2-Blues courses, and another of our very successful BootCamps and a Masterclass Mash-up weekend.


We went for residential weekends in Bournemouth and Skipton and immersed ourselves fully in our Blues Retreats.  We also started a new ‘tradition’ of recreating famous pictures on Bournemouth beach!


And of course we held another hugely successful Crystal Blues Challenge – our 7th!  It blows me away how Crystal Blues just gets better and better each year!


But there’s more.. we launched our Blues Nites Buddies group – and as friends we’ve been on days out, swung down zip wires followed treasure hunt clues, taxed our brains with a quiz and auctioned ourselves and our skills –  and in the process raised over £3000 for charity, helping both RP Fighting Blindness and St John’s Ambulance at Bangor University.


And of course we had our regular Buckden Blues class nights when we weren’t doing something else.. a whopping 32 of those!


We’ve been lucky enough to work with, and for, some amazing people.


We’ve met, taught, danced with and made friends with so many lovely people!


By my calculations, we’ve had over 3000 people come along to our freestyles, and several hundred at our workshops.

We’ve created five new events, opened three new venues, run more workshops than you can shake a stick at, and laid (and lifted!) 15000 square feet of floor.

Which is about the size of 5 tennis courts!!

We’ve organised more than 90 evenings and over 30 days of events, fun and mayhem


Phew!  2016 has been one heckuva ride!




More of what we love.  More of what you seem to love too…

and a few surprises we’ve got lined up to bring an even bigger smile to our dance faces, and to make our dancing feet even happier….