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Blues Nites 2020

Planning your dance year? Here's 2020 at a glance showing our main freestyles, retreats and workshops. We're still adding dates but we promise to keep this as up to date as possible!

(See below for our Annual Planner & Google Calendar links!)
Buckden Freestyles (Buckden)
Saturday 18th January (14th Anniversary)
Saturday 15th February
Saturday 21st March
Saturday 18th April
Saturday 23rd May
Saturday 20th June
Saturday 25th July
Saturday 15th August
Saturday 19th September
Saturday 17th October
Saturday 21st November
Saturday 19th December
Purple Moon Freestyle (Harlow)
Friday 17th January
Saturday 29th February (+ workshop)
Friday 20th March
Friday 17th April
Friday 15th May
Friday 19th June
Friday 17th July
Friday 21st August
Friday 18th September
Friday 20th November
Friday 18th December
Bristol Blues (Horton)
Sunday 12th January
Sunday 9th February
Sunday 5th April
Sunday 10th May
Sunday 12th July
Sunday 9th August
Sunday 13th September
Sunday 8th November
Sunday 13th December
Workshops (Buckden)
15th February Creative Conversations
21st March BeSwitched Workshop
16th Feb New-2-Blues starts (4 week course)
20th-21st June Blues BootCamp
15th August TBA
17th October TBA
Crystal Blues Challenge (Buckden)
30th October - 1st November
Blissfully Blues (Madingley)
Friday 10th January
Friday 14th February
Friday 13th March
Friday 10th April
Friday 8th May
Friday 12th June
Friday 10th July
Friday 14th August
Friday 11th September
Friday 16th October
Friday 13th November
Friday 11th December


Collaboration (Cotgrave)
Friday 24th January
Friday 28th February
Friday 27th March
Friday 24th April
Friday 22nd May
Friday 24th July
Friday 28th August
Friday 25th September
Friday 27th November
Leicester Blues (Kirby Muxloe)
Sat 11th Jan
Sat 22nd Feb
Sat 14th Mar
Sat 2nd May
Sat 13th June
Sat 22nd Aug
Sat 3rd Oct
Sat 7th Nov
Retreats & Holidays
6th March - 8th March - Skipton
9th October - 11th October - Bournemouth
15th - 17th May - Pulse Weekender, Scarborough
20th - 24th April - LanzaBlues
9th - 13th November - LanzaBlues
On Tour
To be arranged!
Buckden Blues, Buckden: Every Sunday (check calendar for exceptions)
Blue Monday, Harlow: Every Monday (check calendar for exceptions)

On line calendar: You can use the on line Google Calendar with all our events HERE (and you can add it to your own on line calendar too - just use this ICS link to add it. )

PDF Planner: There's a PDF version of our Annual Planner available HERE


Blues Nites 2019 dates


Dates for the rest of 2019 . . .
Buckden Freestyles, Buckden
Saturday 23rd November
Saturday 14th December
Collaboration, Cotgrave
Saturday 16th November
Saturday 21st December

Bristol Blues Dance

Sunday 8th December


Retreats & Weekenders
Crystal Blues Challenge
On Tour

7th December - Micro Blues, Chichester

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