Prom Dance Tuition with Sara White . . .


 Whether you call it the end of year prom or year end ball, this increasingly popular event can be a wonderful, stylish, thrilling and glamorous time - the end of school studies and a chance to dress up and step into a world of sophistication and style. At Sara White's Blues Nites we know all about style and sophistication, and we'd like to bring some of our partner dance glamour to your students, giving them the skills and the moves to dance to their style of music with confidence, whether that be up tempo or chillout tracks.
We can work with you to teach your students the keys to partner dance, combining technique and musicality to bring a real 'wow' to the dance floor. Our lead instructor, Sara, is a qualified school teacher who has over ten years experience of teaching people to dance - she's the perfect person to introduce the joys of partner dance. And Blues Nites has been running partner dance events across the country (and beyond) for over ten years. Take a look at the video below for an example - there's more about us (and more video) at
With all this experience, we'd love to help you create a really magical experience for your end of year ball by creating a tailored programme for your school. If you're interested, give Sara a call on 07921633650 or email for more information at
A video taken at a Blues Nites event: Just some of the style and glamour that you could learn with Sara