Team Agreement

Welcome to the Sara White's Blues Nites family. It's great to have you as part of the team that make Blues Nites events so special.


We want to make sure that we are a high integrity organisation with a culture of honesty and openness, and that what we say is what we do. If you have any questions or any concerns, any thoughts or ideas on how we can make things even better, please come talk to me.

We also want to be a supportive family: while we each have different roles to play, we hope that we'll each pitch in to help each other out wherever possible, whether that's in setting up/clearing down, in tidying/washing up during events, in helping on the door and - most importantly - in welcoming our guests to our events.

We wouldn't dream of placing you under any restrictions as to where you can or cannot dance - but we do ask that before you undertake any formal arrangement to work with another dance organisation that you check with me, just in case there are any complications. I believe that all of us in the dance world have something unique to offer the dancing public, and so we choose not to criticise other organisations in public forums.

Please also refrain from sharing competitive information with anyone - while we are wanting to maintain our openness, there are things that need to be held just amongst ourselves. I'd also like to refer you to our safety policy 'Give Good Dance' which is available on the web site and on the signs we display at the desk - please talk to me if you have any concerns with other dancers in terms of safety, or inappropriate behaviour.

Please also be aware of the position you have as a member of the team, and be particularly extra sensitive about using that position of responsibility to exert undue influence over our customers - we are here to help them enjoy their dancing experience, and of course if they feel pressure from any of us, it will reflect on me and on our organisation.

As a Blues Nites team member you have free admission to all our freestyles, workshops and class nights. In some cases we might have to ask you to help balance numbers on a workshop or class - or even to sit one out - please try and be flexible in your role so we can give the best possible experience for our customers.

For other events such as retreats where we have to pay third parties, I would ask that you pay your way - we often have a crew rate for these. If we specifically invite you to teach or DJ at a weekend event where we need to provide accommodation (eg as a DJ or teacher) then we will cover the cost of your accommodation. Please note, though, that while we welcome partners on these events, we're not usually in a position to pay for partners to attend, although we may be able to offer a crew rate for them.

Remember of course that at all these events you are going to be representing us - please take the time to be sociable, smiley and friendly, to make people welcome and especially to make time dancing with our customers.

And of course I appreciate any opportunities you might create to spread the love and recommend us to others - personal recommendation is worth far more than any marketing or promotion.

I'm looking forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months, and hope you'll enjoy being a part of the family. We are, each one of us together, what makes Sara White's Blues Nites truly special.




(Confidential - team only)