Thought bubbles…


I’m being nudged/nagged/encouraged by those closest to me to get back to blog writing.  I seem to have lost my way with words lately.

So to get me re-started I think I’ll just put down a few of those little thought bubbles I have.  The things I feel, but don’t always say…

As your teacher…

I notice.

I notice the effort you put in.

I notice the improvements you make.

I notice how you welcome new people into the fold.

I notice your frustration when you can’t make something work.

I notice your pride, and relief, when you finally manage.

I notice the way you improvise and adapt, to make each dance the best it can be, with each person you are dancing with.

I notice how you listen.  To me as I teach.  To your partners as you dance. And to the music.  Always to the music.

I notice that you continue in your journey.  You turn up for classes to improve.  You turn up to classes so that others may learn and improve to.  You turn up for classes so that the classes themselves continue.  Without you, they can’t.  They won’t.

I notice how you care.  For each other.  For the dance.  For our small community.

I notice how you help.  Without being asked.  At the end of each evening – pitching in to pack things away and make everything so much easier for us all.

I notice.  And I appreciate it.  All of it.

As your event organiser…

We try our best.

We try our best to host events that you will enjoy.

We try our best to continually improve upon what we deliver.

We try our best to create an atmosphere that makes you feel welcomed, valued and included.

We try our best to create an ambiance in which you feel safe and free to explore your dance to the fullest.

We try our best to encourage new talent, be it DJs, Dancers, Team or Teachers.

We try our best to deliver.  If we say we’re going to do something, we do everything in our power to stick to it.  Even if it isn’t well supported, we hate to let you down.

We try our best to evolve.  But in a direction and at a pace that includes as many of you as possible.

We try our best to be fully inclusive.  We are fully prepared to make the adaptations that are necessary to make our dance events accessible.  From brighter lighting in designated places to assist those who are partially sighted, to creating social bridges for those who might have difficulties with social interaction.

We try our best to encourage along all of those dancers you would like to dance with.  Sometimes just by YOU clicking ‘Going’ on an event it encourages others to do the same.  We try our best, but we could really do with your help to encourage others.

We might not always get it right, but we try our best.  And we will always do so…

As an observer of this dance we love…

It is hard to reach those who don’t come to class, or to workshops.

It is hard to get across that what you ‘think’ you see – might not be what is actually happening.

It is hard not being able to approach you on the social dance floor and share some small, but vital information with you.  For you, and for those you dance with.

It is hard to see you teaching on the social dance floor.  Sharing your wisdom and your knowledge – whether it is asked for or not.
It is hard to watch you taking one, two, three dances to share what you think you know, with those you think would benefit from the sharing.  With those who have chosen only to attend a social dance, not a private class with you.

It is hard to see you dancing inappropriately close with someone not comfortable with that, through a lack of understanding or a lack of consideration.

It is hard to watch you hide in the furthest, darkest, most hard to reach corners as you struggle with your lack of confidence.  Making it so difficult for kind, considerate dancers to reach you…

It is hard when I see things that you do (knowingly or otherwise) that make others uncomfortable.

It is hard.  But there are times that I can help.  Please… Ask!  Myself or a team member.  We are here to support, encourage, educate, negotiate or intervene.  Don’t struggle.  Just ask.  Let us help.  On any level, at any time.

As a dancer…

I love to dance.

I love this dance we do.

I love the connection.  To the music, to the dancer, to the moment.

I love the collection of people this dance attracts.  The whole weirdly wonderful, diverse and delightful bunch that we are.

I love the ‘can do’ attitude of those I am surrounded by.  My team, old friends, new friends, soon to be friends, fellow dancers, even complete strangers at times.

I love what I learn.  From those that I get to dance with, chat to and just spend time with.

I love who we are.  We are all different, yet our love of dance unites us. We are all special, and we each bring our own brand of special to every dance that we share.  I am eternally grateful for these things.

I love how we grow.  As our experiences, our skills, our musical appreciation and our confidence grow – so do we.

I love to improve.  I strive constantly to improve my own dance.  And to share what I learn.  I get as frustrated as everyone else when I feel that I am not progressing.  I have to work as hard as everyone else to overcome that hurdle and to make improvement happen.

These are just some of the things that I feel and want to share with you.  No particular order.  No particular reason.  Just sharing…

Perhaps, if you are moved to, you can share too…?

Share how you feel.

Share how you feel we have helped, or could help you.

Share how you think we can improve upon what we offer.