And . . . .we’re back!

We’re excited to announce that Blues Nites is reopening its doors to all our friends and customers. The team are excited to be back, and we’re launching our return with “Back to Blues” – a weekend of dance deliciousness on 28th and 29th August. And you get the Monday to recover!

We’re starting out on the Saturday afternoon with a Basics workshop suitable for those new to blues or for those feeling a little bit rusty (which is most of us!). We’ll follow that up with a Musicality 101 workshop to remind ourselves what shapes our dance. Then in the evening we’ll throw open the doors for our “Back To Blues” freestyle rom 8pm to 1am, exploring some old favourite tracks and some of the new ones we haven’t been able to play yet.

And on Sunday, we’ll hold one of our acclaimed SLAM workshops, looking to provide Style for Ladies and Attitude for Men, and follow that up with the return of our Buckden Blues class nights!

We’re really thrilled to be back, and if all goes to plan then we’re back with a regular Sunday night class, and a monthly Buckden freestyle . . and more to come!

Check out the events here:

Back to Blues Basics workshop (Saturday)

Back to Blues Musicality 101 workshop (Saturday)

Back to Blues Freestyle (Saturday)

Back to Blues S.L.A.M. workshop (Sunday)

Buckden Class Night (Sunday)

PLEASE NOTE: We’re taking precautions to keep our dancers and our team safe: you can read our COVID-19 Policy here