What a weekend!

It may not have been as busy as in previous years… But my goodness, it was special!
Crystal Blues 2021 – What a weekend that was!
You guys rock!
Crystal Blues weekend was fab from start to finish.
Thank you all, for looking after each other so well and providing negative lateral flow tests.  And thank you too, to those of you who put others first by not attending when you couldn’t be sure you were not infectious.  It is hard to miss out on something you were looking forward to, and we thank you for doing the right thing.

Everyone who attended, be that Team, DJs, Judges, Crystal Ladies, Kitchen Crew, Photographer, Competitors, Supporters, Voting Audience, Dancers and even that sweet little old lady who was curious about what we were doing, did her LFT and came and watched for an hour – you ALL made the weekend what it was!  
Thank you for being such a bunch of wonderfulness!

So if you want to know who won what  – take a look HERE
And  if you’d like to see the videos of the finals – you can see those HERE
And of course, most importantly of all, if you’d like to be baggsing yourself a slice of the elusive lemon tart that was missing this year (for all the right reasons of course!) then you need to start thinking about joining us for the Crystal Blues Challenge 2022 

Now that November is here, we have Boot Camp to look forward to!  Whether you are a Beginner Blueser or a Competition Winner, there is plenty to learn at our Blues BootCamp.  Add in the Saturday night freestyle where you can put it all into practice and the Sunday class night if you still have any energy left – this is a fabulous weekend of learning, practice, undoing the bad stuff, building all the good stuff and so much more!  Still room to join us, but follows places will be going on hold very soon, I think.

Sara White’s Blues BootCamp– Sat/Sun 20th/21st Nov, 11am – 6pm.  Dry Drayton Village Hall
Absolutely everything you need to know about Modern Blues and then a whole lot more! 

Purple Blues Party– Sat 20th Nov 8pm – 1am.  Buckden Village Hall
As David Bowie should have said… ‘Put on some purple and dance the Blues’

Blues Nites Christmas Party – Sat 18th Dec 8pm – 1am. Buckden Village Hall.
Put on some sparkle and come join us for some shiny, happy dancing!

Buckden Blues Class Nite – Every Sunday evening, 7pm – 10pm (new times!).  Buckden Village Hall
Blues is back home in Buckden on Sundays. 

Boxing Day Blues – Sun 26th Dec 7:30pm – 11:30pm.  Buckden Village Hall.  Mellow vibes in the midst of the Festive madness. 

Please check our Covid-19 Policy Page before deciding whether to join us at one of our events.   Not every event will be right for every person.  We’re really looking forward to welcoming you, in as safe a way as we possibly can.  We fully understand if the time is not right for you to join us yet and we’ll be very happy to see you when you’re ready.

Thank you to everyone, for your continued support – hugely appreciated!

Stay safe out there. Sara & the Blues Nites Team