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Classes & Freestyles


Class nights

Blues Nites run regular class nights at the Village Hall in Buckden, near St Neots in Cambridgeshire. Doors open at 7:30pm for freestyle dancing, and we run a class from 8pm til around 9pm. We'll use class time to learn more about how to dance Modern Blues, with the unique and sassy style that Sara brings to her classes - anything might happen!

After that, the rest of the night is open for more freestyle dancing to the diverse and expressive music played by our resident DJs Myra and Sara as well as guest DJs bringing their own spin to the night. The event is accessible for anyone, and we'll make sure you feel right at home. It doesn't matter if you have a partner - just come along and be prepared to have a great time!

We run regular freestyle events at our three main venues. The Blissfully Blues freestyles are legendary: Blissfully Blues is a late-night freestyle event aimed at dancers who love to submerge themselves into the very heart of the music they dance to, and allow that delicious state of Blues-Bliss to wash over them...
They're also truly accessible for those dancers who are taking their first steps away from Modern Jive freestyles and are ready to test the water at a Blues event.  The music will be a merger of all that is fresh 'n' funky in modern Blues right through to the more traditional elements you'd expect to hear in a Blues-room - and everything in between. We mix up our resident DJs with guests and friends from across the country, each bringing their own special style to the evening.
We'll often have special event freestyles too, from the guitar based music of Mariachi to the cheeky excitement of Burlesque - the exuberant atmosphere of our Purple Party nights, the sophistication of our Little Black Dress Nites or the glamour of our special event and holiday freestyles  - check out the event pages for more details.


Blues Nites run regular workshop events to stretch you and help you grow into a truly amazing and incredible dancer. Workshops might focus on Musicality, or on the interplay of lead and follow - if there's something you'd like to learn, then let us know and we'll try and organise it! Workshops are gender balanced so you get the best out of your time and come away with new skills and confidence. Take a look at our video page for more from our workshops!
For those looking to make the transition from Modern Jive to Modern Blues, we run a regular four week New-2-Blues class (for dates, see the event pages).  The classes are designed to help you step into the world of music led lead and follow simply and easily, and have you dancing with style, with musicality, with passion and drama, making you the envy of other dancers.
bootcamp 2_New
Blues Bootcamp
Our two day intensive Blues Bootcamp is run twice a year. Designed to take you from zero to Blues hero in one single weekend, this course will meet you where you are and then launch you on the Modern Blues journey, embedding the skills and the style that will have you creating a stir on the dancefloor.
To find out more about learning to dance Modern Blues, go HERE!


The Sara White's Blues Retreat Experience
Sara White's Blues Nites run true Retreat Dance Weekenders that are just that little bit extra special. At our two venues in Bournemouth and Skipton, we've arranged the perfect dance holiday for the discerning: Our Blues Retreat provides the perfect opportunity to withdraw from daily life for a while and to submerge yourself totally in the delicious world of expressive music and dancing, with people who share your passion – at whatever stage you happen to be on your dance journey.
There are top DJs playing the music that you love to dance to - teachers who look to bring out the best in your dance - space for daytime and evening dancing - or an opportunity just to chill and relax, and let the Blues soothe the cares away.
Check out the upcoming weekenders on the events pages - but be quick!
Sara White Burlesque - Accepted-91-3Our special nights of Burlesque are tongue in cheek fun and an opportunity for you to dress up and look the part. As well as regular burlesque events, Sara is also available to help you connect to the Burlesque dancer in you.
Sara runs ladies only Burlesque workshops  inviting you to dress up to the max (optional!), grab a feather boa (essential!) and some sexy long gloves and enjoy an hour of wiggling, strutting, peeling, revealing, swishing, swaying and boa whipping fun.
She can also bring that sense of fun to your Hen Party, getting your hen night off to a flying start: grab your boas, your gloves and your girls and wiggle and jiggle your way through 2 hours of Burlesque fun before hitting the town!
One-2-One tuition
If you're looking to really launch your dancing to a new level, then take some time out for one to one tuition - either on your own or with a partner. You might want to work on a specific area, such as technique, confidence or attitude, or you might be looking to compete and need some help as you train. You might have reached a plateau and want to break through to the next level. Talk to Sara about your specific goals, and we'll find a way to get you there.
love for ever 2
Your first dance together as a married couple should be the best dance of your life…  a moment where THAT dance, YOUR dance, wowed your audience into a camera-clicking frenzy!
We are here to help you make learning your wedding dance as painless as possible with help to guide you through every stage.
From choosing the perfect song…to creating a dance that suits you both and captures your personalities and the romance of the day – with a little added wow-factor of course!
From those first tentative steps on the dance-floor – all the way through to a polished, confident and unique dance on your very special day!
We take the time, along every step of the way, to ensure you are fully equipped with all the skills you need to whirl and twirl your way into your married future without fuss, without stress and always with your big day in mind.
To discuss any of these, contact Sara by phone (07921 633650) or email (sara.white@bluesnites.co.uk) and the rest is easy.
On tour
blues bus
Taking Blues Nites on tour
If you're interested in bringing the Sara White Blues Nites experience a little closer to home, then give Sara a call. If you've got a bunch of people who want to learn Modern Blues, or if you want to organise a special Blues freestyle - we can help. We can work with you to create the sort of event you have in mind, whether that's a one hour teaching spot, an afternoon or full day workshop, a freestyle event or even a weekend gig - we can help you create what you want. We've run very successful on tour events across the UK along with regular partnerships with other dance venues to bring a little bit of that Blues magic to you.
Don't sit there thinking 'They'd never do that' - we probably would! We love to share what we know about dance and about Modern Blues, and we love being involved with others to create a successful event that brings the joy and the passion of Blues to more people.
What others say
Just some recent feedback from our events:
"Just wanted to say thank you again for a fantastic and inspiring weekend at your blues bootcamp. I feel that I learned a huge amount, and I can't wait to try out some of my new techniques." (DY)
"'Wow!!!' Says it all but still doesn't do the weekend justice Sara. There aren't words to describe most of what I felt over the weekend and am still feeling now. Thank you doesn't seem nearly enough... but 'Thank you...' to you and your whole team... for everything... but especially for the Blues transformation that has happened inside me." (DM)
"Wow - what a fabulous weekend. Thank you Sara for introducing me to blues. You are an awesome teacher! I can't remember how many times I said 'wow' this weekend. You have a great team who made this a very special weekend. I met lots of new friends, fellow dancers who stuck in there and made it amazing. Thanks so much." (JC)
"Thank you Sara and your team for a fantastic fun packed and very informative weekend. We both learned an incredible amount from you all....without doubt you are a highly professional teacher and exceptional dancer. More people should benefit from your skills! Highly recommended." (JG)
"Brilliant, hard work, but worth it!"
"Gained some really useful tools for musicality and connection."
"Marvellous, loved every minute I’m now converted to Blues."
"A truly enjoyable weekend."
"The demonstration dance was truly inspirational." (PS - you can see that HERE)

"When I finally made the decision to stop playing around in the lower leagues learning yet more arm-spaghetti moves and to actually learn to dance - there really was only one place to go... Sara White's Jive Nites!" (BT)

"It was the best dance event I have ever been to. Full of relaxed fun dancers with their own style - I felt treated like a person amongst new friends rather than just another ticket sale - and the most invigorating gorgeous choice of music for blues I have ever heard. Bliss!" (SFP)

"The consummate Dance Night: Sara White's at Buckden - peerless. Nothing complicated, just great music & great people, people who love to & need to move to it." (SN)

Our Commitment to You
We believe dancing should, above all, be fun. We will endeavour to teach the best possible technique and the most fluid musicality. We commit to teaching dance that feels good for both a lead and a follow - dance that works on the social dance floor. We want to help you live your dance dream, and become the sort of dancer you want to be. We are passionate about helping each one of our dancers have a truly wonderful experience dancing with us, where people make friends and have a great time, whether they are new to dance or have been dancing for years.
Our events are special because our dancers make them special. If you're concerned something might need our attention, we're here to listen. SEE MORE HERE