Blues Nites run regular workshop events to stretch you and help you grow into a truly amazing and incredible dancer. Workshops might focus on Musicality, or on the interplay of lead and follow - if there's something you'd like to learn, then let us know and we'll try and organise it! Workshops are gender balanced so you get the best out of your time and come away with new skills and confidence. Take a look at our video page for more from our workshops!
For those looking to make the transition from Modern Jive to Modern Blues, we run a regular four week New-2-Blues class (for dates, see the event pages).  The classes are designed to help you step into the world of music led lead and follow simply and easily, and have you dancing with style, with musicality, with passion and drama, making you the envy of other dancers.
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Blues Bootcamp
Our two day intensive Blues Bootcamp is run twice a year. Designed to take you from zero to Blues hero in one single weekend, this course will meet you where you are and then launch you on the Modern Blues journey, embedding the skills and the style that will have you creating a stir on the dancefloor.
To find out more about learning to dance Modern Blues, go HERE!